About Us

The students!

Stall Brook Elementary School is home to approximately 250 students. Each of these students deserves the same opportunities to learn and that includes learning through play.

Currently, the playground at Stall Brook is not accessible to all students. Students who use a wheelchair, stroller, or walker as their primary means of mobility are only able to access the black top area independently. In order to access the play structure, these students would need to be carried to it or wheeled through uneven wood-chips.

Hallie Glassman

I am the lead teacher for Stall Brook's Substantially Separate Special Education Classroom. In my classroom, we learn a variety of different things in a variety of different ways. I get to teach math and ELA, as well as social and leisure skills. It's really a dream job! I learn so many things from my students each day, and I look forward to being able to help support them as much as I can with a new inclusive playground!

Manny Toscano

I had the pleasure of meeting Manny at a Stall Brook PTO meeting. The very next day he came to me with ideas for how to start funding this project! He has set up so many opportunities for our Touch-a-Truck event that I would not have had without his help. I am so lucky to have such a dedicated Stall Brook parent helping me make this dream a reality!

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